Enjoy Three New Clips From Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Only God Forgives’

Three years ago, when I interviewed Nicolas Winding Refn, he told me that yes, he would be making a Bangkok-set set thriller, but not before going to Los Angeles to make a movie called Drive with Ryan Gosling. And it’s been quite a while since, but after developing a wonderfully symbiotic and fruitful relationship in the process of creating that film, Gosling and Refn are back together again for the highly-anticipated Only God Forgives.

From the moment the credits rolled on Drive, I have been counting down to their next film—and although we’ve seen trailers, posters, and stills thus far, there are now six-minutes worth of clips from the film to watch, amping up your excitement even more. Unfortunately, the Thai-boxing thriller will not be hitting theaters until late July, so you’ll have to quell your desire for bit more time.

Watching the previews, I’m already in love. Refn’s signature use of saturated high colors, his keen sense of music as psychological device, and the affinity for stylized violent drama, is clearly all there and this looks to take the aesthetic that seemed to be solidified with Drive to an even higher level. Personally, I won’t be watching these clips for fear of spoiling anything for myself—I want the first time I see the film to be completely immersive and to hit me straight on. However, if watching these gorgeous snippets won’t tarnish a second of the film as whole for you, enjoy below.
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