Enjoy This GIF Wall of Oscar Winner/Loser Reaction Shots

I know, I know: The Oscars are so 12 hours ago. But I would be remiss if I didn’t try to wring every ounce of bloggability of the Academy’s bloated corpse, which is why you get to enjoy this magnificent GIF wall courtesy of FourFour’s Rich Juzwiak. Juzwiak curated a list of reaction shots from a sizable number of Oscar ceremonies to show how the lucky actors and actresses looked upon hearing their names, and the stinkfaces their rivals wore in response. Scrolling through it, you can absolutely smell the jealousy, inner rage, and bathroom tears that are soon to follow. Check it out at FourFour before your work day really gets started.

My favorites are Minnie Driver’s turn and gasp, Mo’Nique’s smoldering inhale and nostril flare, and the mix of exuberance and disbelief at hearing Anna Paquin’s bogus 11-year old self announced at the 1993 awards. But you will have your favorites, and they will all be awesome. Enjoy the schadenfreude, folks! There’s only a year left until the next Oscars.

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