Enjoy ‘In the Mood for Doyle’ and Some of Cinematographer Christopher Doyle’s Best Scenes

Last week, wonderfully seasoned cinematographer Christopher Doyle spoke bluntly and honestly about his feelings towards Spielberg’s Lincoln, Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, and the state of the Academy Awards. Known for having some straight forward and unflinching opinions of his own, Doyle spoke about Pi, saying, “I think it’s a fucking insult to cinematography… That’s not cinematography. That’s control of the image by the powers that be, by the people that want to control the whole system because they’re all accounts. You’ve lost cinema. This is not cinema and it’s not cinematography.” And after working in film for over 30 years and creating some of the most beautifully crafted scenes for everyone from Wong Kar-wai to Jim Jarmsusch he’s got all the right in the world to be vocal and we’re happy to listen. And to my delight, a 2007 dcoumentary titled In the Mood for Doyle has made its way online, giving more insight into Doyle’s cinematic mind. Have a look at the 54-minute doc below and enjoy some of Doyle’s most stunning scenes from Wong Kar-wai films.


In the Mood for Doyle


In the Mood for Love, Yumeji’s Theme

Chungking Express, Opening Scene



In the Mood for Love, Final Sequence

2046, Secret

In the Mood for Love

Happy Together, Transition

Days of Being Wild, Dancing

Chungking Express, Dreams


Happy Together, Dancing

As Tears Go By, Kissing

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