See Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix in the First Trailer for Woody Allen’s ‘Irrational Man’

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The first trailer for Woody Allen’s aptly titled Irrational Man just debuted online, and as expected, it certainly doesn’t look to be one of his best efforts. More in the off-putting register of Magic in the Moonlight and less emotionally grounded than Blue Jasmine, with Irrational Man we again see Allen hobbling together a film that looks like a sketch of his past talents. Starring Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix, and Parker Posey, the film will have its premiere out of competition at Cannes next month before it comes stateside this summer.

From what we can gather in the trailer, Phoenix plays an alcohol-loving philosophy professor dealing with his own existential and romantic woes. “You suffer from despair,” announces Stone, his student / love interest, while the two sit perfectly coiffed in restaurant booth. Phoenix’s voiceover chimes in: “It was at this moment that my life came together,” and suddenly the trailer veers off into the real meat of the film, in which Phoenix is no longer an anxious mope and the women around him are befuddled.

Check out the trailer for yourself below.

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