Eddie Murphy Is Over Family Movies and Is Going to Be Edgy Again

In the last few years Eddie Murphy has been known primarily for donning fat suits and playing the entire Klump clan. And while he’s currently starring in Tower Heist with Ben Stiller, as well as lined up to host next year’s Oscars ceremony, the actor is eyeing a return to his stand-up roots.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Murphy dishes on a lot of hot-topics, including his apparent grudge with SNL. “They were shitty to me on Saturday Night Live a couple of times after I’d left the show,” he says, but specifies that he doesn’t have any bad blood with the seminal sketch show where he got his big break.

And while he admits he has no interest in roles in family comedies, Murphy says he’s been considering a return to the stage where he can hold his own.

“If I ever get back onstage, I’m going to have a really great show for you all,” he says. “An hour and a half of stand-up and about 40 minutes of my shitty band… But I haven’t done it since I was 27, so why fuck with it? But that’s just weighing both sides. It comes up too much for me to not do it again. It’s like, when it hits me, I’ll do it, eventually.”

It sounds more like typical celebrity magazine fodder rather than a specific promise, but his hosting gig at the Oscars could make or break his chances at keeping a captive audience on his own. But really, with his current track record of only headlining films wherein he plays a significant majority of the cast, it’d be nice to see Eddie Murphy be Eddie Murphy all on his own.

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