Early Summer’s Best: This Week on Hulu

If you spent your weekend frolicking around outdoors basking in the start of summer, it’s entirely understandable if your movie watching suffered as a result. But never to fear, with the huge host of Criterion Collection films available on Hulu, you can catch up on a lifetime’s cinematic education from the comfort of your bed. And this season, the collection will be highlighting a different film everyday as part of their 101 days of Summer. And although they’ve been making free some of the best and rare gems from Wim Wenders’ Alice in the Cities to Hiroshi Matsuno’s The Living Skeleton, their entire range of films on Hulu is truly nothing to be missed.

So this week, rather than simply illustrating what’s for fre,e I’ve rounded up some of the best films on available to watch on the site perfectly fit for summer viewings. From Chris Marker’s achingly wonderful Sans Soleil to John Cassavetes’ lens flared and color-drenched sizzler The Killing of  Chinese Bookie, there’s surely something new and brilliant to watch every night. Enjoy.

The Circus, Charlie Chaplin


Walkabout, Nicolas Roeg


The Living Skeleton, Hiroshi Matsuno

Alice in the Ctities, Wim Wenders


George Washington, David Gordon Green


Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers, Les Blank


Secret Honor, Robert Altman


Yoyo, Pierre Etaix


Sans Soleil, Chris Marker


Chinese Roulette, RW Fassbinder


Daisies, Věra Chytilová’


Stranger Than Paradise, Jim Jarmusch



Scenes from a Marriage, Igmar Bergman


Pale Flower, Masahiro Shinoda


News From Home, Chantal Akerman



Elevator to the Gallows, Louis Malle


Wings of Desire, Wim Wenders


I Am Curious Yellow, Vilgot Sjöman


The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, John Cassavetes

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