‘Django, Unchained’: Now With 100% More Rick Ross!

With the holidays comes the time-honored end-of-the-year influx of crazy-hyped movies, and while many will choose to spend their Christmas Day ugly-crying for three hours to Les Misérables (no judgment!), there are other options. One of these is Django Unchained, the all-star Sergio Corbucci-inspired Spaghetti-Western-meets-Deep-South feature from Quentin Tarantino. Today the final trailer was released for the film, which stars Jamie Foxx as the title character, a former slave who joins forces with a bounty hunter (Tarantino favorite Christoph Waltz) to take out a gang and rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from her brutal master, played by Leonardo DiCaprio with a sinister-looking facial hair arrangement. 

Not only does the new trailer give us a lot more gunfire and whole lot more of Leo DiCaprio looking particularly sinister (and drinking out of a coconut, which I did not know was fashionable in the early-to-mid 19th century) and a new track from rapper Rick Ross, "100 Black Coffins," from which we get much of the refrain (which is, as one might suggest, "I need 100 black coffins."). The rest of the Django Unchained soundtrack includes some gems new and old, including selections from Ennio Morricone, Jim Croce, James Brown, and 2Pac, and the catchy theme tune from Luis Bacalov and Rocky Roberts. Watch. 

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