Loved Dior and I? 6 Fabulous Fashion Documentaries to Watch Now

Illustration by Joseph Larkowsky

The fashion film: it’s hard to get right. If you haven’t seen Dior and I just yet, it’s time to get on that. (See our top five moments in the film here). The worry and issues Dior creative director Raf Simons faced when starting at the house — depicted in Dior and I — are all documented in that tentative film, which sits among other brilliant fashion documentaries. Here are our top six, from a look at Karl Lagerfeld to an inside peek behind the legendary curtains of Vogue. Bonus: Marc Jacobs + macarons + protein bars and their implications, below…

1 – Lagerfeld Confidential I (Rodolfe Marconi, 2007)

2 – Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton (Loic Prigent, 2007)

3 – Signé Chanel (Loic Prigent, 2005)

4 – The September Issue (2009)

5 – VALENTINO: The Last Emperor (Matt Tyrnauer, 2007)

6 – Unzipped, Issac Mizrahi (Douglas Keeve, 1995)

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