Diane Keaton Admits She Was the Inspiration for ‘Annie Hall’

In her new memoir, Then Again, Keaton writes not only about herself, but also about her relationship with her mother. But, duh, you just want to hear the stuff about Woody Allen, right?

In an excerpt in Vogue (via Vulture), Keaton admits that Annie Hall, which was neither her nor co-star (and off-screen ex-boyfriend) Woody Allen’s first feature, played an important part in their careers. And she also gets to the juicy stuff, like how the movie was totally based on their time together.

Most people assumed Annie Hall was the story of our relationship. My last name is Hall. Woody and I did share a significant romance, according to me, anyway. I did want to be a singer. I was insecure, and I did grope for words. After 35 years, does anybody care? What matters is Woody’s body of work. Annie Hall was his first love story. Love was the glue that held those witty vignettes together. However bittersweet, the message was clear: Love fades. Woody took a risk; he let the audience feel the sadness of goodbye in a funny movie.

Thanks for the clarification, Diane! We’d be more concerned if you related more to your character in Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

Keaton’s memoir is a must-read for movie-buffs and those who are HUGE fans of Baby Boom. One other fun tidbit included in the Vogue excerpt? “It seemed like every audition was lost to either Blythe Danner or Jill Clayburgh.” It looks like you won out eventually, Ms. Keaton!

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