Dennis Hopper: The Greatest Hits

Two weeks ago, on March 26th, Dennis Hopper received a long overdue star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Prior to the event, there had been some speculation as to whether the 73-year-old actor’s ongoing battle with prostate cancer (to say nothing of his pending divorce) would keep him from the ceremony, but Hopper—looking frail but spirited—showed up for what may very well be his last public appearance. Like many, I was oft-inclined to think Hopper indestructible, and after nearly six decades of screen work, it still feels as if we’re to lose him far too soon. Nothing confirms this feeling more than Matt Zoller Seitz’ video tribute to the original easy rider, “The Middle Word in Life.” Culling moments big and small from the whole of Hopper’s magnificent career, it’s both a touching and wondrous thing to behold. Video after the jump.

The only thing missing from this piece is Hooper’s short turn in the bizarro The Story of Mankind. Like all short men in Hollywood, Hopper too got a chance to play Napoleon.

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