Up Next for Robert Pattinson: James Gray, Harmony Korine, and Olivier Assayas

Oh, and here we thought millions of screaming teens and mothers losing their minds for Twilight signified that Robert Pattinson was in high demand. But ever since the end of the paranormal romance series, the now 28-year-old actor has done nothing but make interesting decisions when it comes to his future cinematic endeavors, straying from his youthful heartthrob following and pursuing more mature roles, getting to work with some of film’s most beloved auteurs. His second feature with David Cronenberg, Map to the Stars, will premiere later this month at Cannes alongside David Michod’s The Rover, in which he stars with Guy Pearce.

But in a recent interview, Pattinson revealed that he, “might film something with Harmony Korine, with whom I’ve been dreaming to work since I was 17…I keep asking him what the film is about but he doesn’t want to tell me.” He also went on to say that he remembers that before shooting their sex scene in Cosmopolis, Juliette Binoche told him to, “Keep choosing classy projects and filming intelligent films.” And as James Gray fever is running high before the release of The Immigrant, last week we learned that Pattinson would be working on the brilliant filmmaker’s next feature, The Lost City of Z with Benedict Cumberbatch. But before they both head to Cannes next week in support of their respective films, fascinating French director Olivier Assayas has peaked our interest by stating in a new interview that he’s noticed, “in the United States, especially since the success of ‘l’Heure d’été’ and ‘Carlos,’ I gained a relative notoriety, which sharpens the curiosity of some actors. My next film, for example, will include Robert Pattinson.”

Assayas will be headed to the festival next week with his Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart-led Clouds of Sils Maria , so hopefully more information will be revealed—but in the meantime, as it is Pattinson’s birthday, why not spend some time looking back HERE on when the young actor was just on the cusp of beginning a new chapter in his career.

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