‘Dark Knight’ Fans Have Officially Lost Their Minds

Christopher Nolan’s third and final film following the dour life of a renegade crime-fighter heads to theaters next month, and people are, as expected, freaking the fuck out. But at what cost? Well, tickets to midnight screenings of The Dark Knight Rises are already going for hundreds of dollars on Craigslist. Is this why the economy is tanking? I’m not sure (I haven’t even read Freakonomics, much less understood anything about business and such), but it certainly shows that there are enough people in this world who truly don’t understand how value works.

Take a look at the range below, with ticket holders asking for anywhere between twenty and 150 bucks for the chance to be a total idiot and see a movie at midnight:

I can’t decide who’s the bigger asshole here: those who are scalping tickets to see a movie, or the dummies who’d spend that much money to see a movie on opening night instead of waiting, say, twelve hours. Because, seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?

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