Classic Thrills and Hauntings Chills: This Week on Hulu

Roman Polanski once said, "Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater." And as one of the great filmmakers of suspense, his work always manages to transport you into a psychologically haunting place. And this week, the Criterion Collection is highlighting a handful of their favorite nail-biters for free on Hulu. From Polanski’s classic black and white thriller Knife in the Water, to the Götz Spielmann’s emotionally-gutting Oscar-nominated Revanche, here’s what you should be watching this weekend from the psychologically terrifying to the charmingly haunting and all the goodies in between.



Knife in the Water, Roman Polanski (1962)



Revanche, Götz Spielmann (2008)



A Man Escaped, Robert Bresson (1956)



Purple Noon,  René Clément (1960)



The Vanishing, George Sluizer (1988)



The Shadow Within,  Silvana Zancolo (2007)



The Wages of Fear, Henri-Georges Clouzot (1953)

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