Cinematic Treasure Martin Scorsese Talks Laurence Olivier’s ‘Richard III’

Last week, we explored the Criterion Collection’s wonderful new edition of Repo Man, and tomorrow another spring release will make itself available for purchase: Richard III. The legendary classic from Laurence Olivier now feature, not only a restored version of the film but a wealth of commentary, behind-the-scenes stills and posters, as well as essays on the feature. And what better way to commemorate the occasion than with one of cinema’s most beloved and acclaimed directors, Martin Scorsese, talking about the film for himself.

First released in 1955 and shot in VistaVision and Technicolor, Richard III is absolutely stunning but in the years since has fallen victim to the fading and staining of tiem, preventing the film to be seen in its full beauty. But now, with the Criterion Collection’s stunning restoration of the classic, you can see the film has it was meant to be viewed, as well as now hear Scorsese tell us about the process. In this eight minute video, the iconic director talks about Richard III’s "falling into disrepair and delineates the painstaking processes of finding the best surviving elements and bringing the film back to a version as close as possible to what Olivier intended."

So if that tickles your fancy, you can learn more about the ravishing Machiavellian masterpierce HERE and HERE and purchase the DVD for yourself tomororow.

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