Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Care About Your Hearing

If you were lucky enough to catch an extended clip of The Dark Knight Rises before screenings of Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol, you may have noticed one thing: Bane’s voice. The Batman villain, played by Tom Hardy, is a big, bulky sort of guy, so it makes sense that he’d talk like he had a mouth full of coleslaw, as many buff dudes do.

However, director Christopher Nolan might’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole. Most reports of the clip showed complete confusion over what exactly Bane was trying to say, outside of "Mfhfrmfmfm BATMAN." As Dark Knight Rises doesn’t come out for half a year, most of these reports also assumed that Nolan would probably just correct it all in post-production.

Not so, says The Hollywood Reporter. Nolan knows exactly what he’s doing with Bane’s coleslaw mouth—and he doesn’t care. “Chris wants the audience to catch up and participate rather than push everything at them. He doesn’t dumb things down," THR quotes one high-level exec as saying. “You’ve got to pedal faster to keep up.” Previously, Nolan had told THR that “it was OK for a moviegoer not to understand what was said at times, as long as the overall idea was conveyed.”

I respect his homage to McCabe & Mrs. Miller, but most ticket payers probably won’t. They come to the theater to see action, damn it, not an auteur showing off about art or whatever. There’s still a while before next summer, so Nolan might be forced to cave to studio demands. In the name of moviegoers without rabbit ears, I hope he does. Watch the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises below, in case you haven’t yet.


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