Chris Pine & Elizabeth Banks Play Long-Lost Siblings in ‘People Like Us’

It’s a time-tested nightmare scenario: You meet someone furiously good-looking and emotionally appealing, spend a little while flirting with them, and then — surprise, surprise — find out that they’re a long-lost relative, sending you into sexual therapy for a few years. People Like Us, the directorial debut of Transformers writer Alex Kurtzman, adds a few wrinkles to the formula: There’s $150,000 of inheritance money at stake, and one of the characters already knows he’s related to the other. Fun fun fun! In the movie, Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks play unknowing siblings (he knows, she doesn’t), with Pine tasked with giving their dead father’s savings to Banks’s son. But he’s less than forward about his knowledge of their relation when they first meet, leading to the most awkwardly unintentional courtship this side of Luke and Leia. Watch the trailer after the click, via the Hollywood Reporter.

Olivia Wilde is there to play Pine’s girlfriend, while Michelle Pfeiffer plays a mom of questionable mental stability. Apparently, the movie’s original title was Welcome to People. Ha ha. Soooo not awkward, right? People Like Us is out on June 29.

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