Check Out the Gorgeous New Trailer for Miguel Gomes’ ‘Tabu’

Earlier this year, I got the chance to sit down with Portuguese director Miguel Gomes to talk about his latest film, the stunning Tabu. Shot beautifully on black and white film stock, the absurdly exotic and poignant drama tells the story of two worlds separated by time. Like an ode to a bygone eraa, Gomes’ work shows his mastery of the language of cinema but with a style that speaks to his own peculiar affinities as a filmmaker. Tabu is film about emotion and the passage of time, exploring the dream-like quality of memory and how it lives inside of us. Although barring almost no similarities plot-wise, upon watching Gomes’ film, I was reminded of Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire or Chris Marker’s La jetée—films that feel driven by an omnipresent voice that speak directly to the heart and teach us something about the collective condition of the soul but in a way that unfolds in its own extraordinary fashion.

The synopsis of the film goes as follows:

“PILAR spends her first years of retirement trying to straighten up the world and dealing with other people’s guilt, an increasingly frustrating task these days. She takes part in peace vigils, collaborates with Catholic charities, wants to lodge young Polish girls coming to Lisbon on a Taizé ecumenical meeting and constantly hangs up and takes down an ugly painting made by a friend so as not to offend his feelings should it not be in view when he comes to visit.

She is mostly troubled by her neighbor AURORA’s loneliness, a temperamental and eccentric octogenarian who escapes to the casino whenever she has any money on her. She talks constantly about her daughter who seems to not want to see her, has hangovers from anti-depressants and suspects her Cape-Verdean maid SANTA is wickedly practicing voodoo against her. We know little of Santa, who is sparse with her words, follows orders and thinks that everyone should mind their own business. She goes to adult literacy classes and practices at night by reading a young reader’s edition of Robinson Crusoe stretched out on her boss’s couch while smoking cigarettes.

Before dying, Aurora will make a mysterious request and the other two join efforts to accomplish it. She wants to meet a man, GIAN LUCA VENTURA, someone nobody knew existed until then. Pilar and Santa will find that he does exist but are informed he is no longer sane. Ventura has a secret pact with Aurora and a story to tell; a story that occurred fifty years ago, shortly before the beginning of the Portuguese colonial war. It starts like this: ‘Aurora had a farm in Africa at the foothill of Mount Tabu…’”

You can check out our interview with Gomes’ later in the month, but for now, enjoy the new trailer for the film.

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