Check Out the First Trailer for Steve Coogan’s Alan Patridge Movie

Between What Maisie Knew, The Look of Love, and now his new Alan Partridge movie, there’s certainly no shortage of Steve Coogan—and I couldn’t be happier. The beloved "narcissistic wally" of a talk show host is finally getting a feature film of his own and to everyone’s delight, a first trailer has arrived.

Directed by Declan Lowney, the Alan Partridge movie—Alpha Papa? Alan Partridge in Alpha Papa? Colossal Velocity? Chap of Steel?—has been penned by Coogan, of course, as well as Peter Baynham and the biting comedic genius Armando Iannucci. And from this first trailer we basically just get a meta look at Partidge and his cohorts thinking up a proper title for the film. The Playlist tells us that last summer, Iannucci teased that, " "Alan is in Norwich. It’s not ‘Alan goes to Hollywood’; it’s not ‘Alan invaded by aliens’ or anything like that. He’s on North Norfolk Digital, which is taken over by a bigger media conglomerate and has its name changed to Shape. And that kicks everything off."

The feature-length look at Patridge is slated to be released in the UK this summer, but unfortunately a US release date is not on the immediate horizon. Here’s to hoping that changes soon. Check out the trailer below.

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