Check Out the Candid Faces of Sundance

While we’re all enoying ths 17 degree whether in New York, it’s good to know that when it comes to balancing looking good and not freezing to death, we can turn to those at Sundance for some much-needed style cues. The festival may be ending tomrorow but it’s been an exciting week of debuts and premieres, getting the chance to see Hollywood’s biggest stars mingling with newcomers, anticipation building as studios snatch up the rights to our future favorite films of 2013. So, as the week of cinematic celebration draws to a close, Vulture has published a photo essay of candid shots from Sundance—featuring everyone from Michael C. Hall to Dakota Fanning and Dave Grohl. Photographer Chuck Grant spent the week in Park City snapping shots of some of the faces behind the most talked about work at the festival.

Check it out.







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