Celebrating the Best of Ry Cooder on His 66th Birthday

Hey y’all, it’s Ry Cooder birthday and this calls for celebration. The iconic American guitarist, singer, and composer has been wrapping us in a dusty world of sound since the late 1960s, creating his own idiosyncratic style that mixes a fine blend of genres—folk and blues to tex-mex and rock to jazz and soul. Just the coolest dude, Cooder has also scored some of the most memorable soundtracks of the 50 years from Nicolas Roeg’s Performance to, perhaps his best work, Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas. His sound conjures up vivid images of desolate and beautiful American landscapes, making you long for escape to a somewhere warm in a "vast country where nobody [knows you].  Somewhere without language, or streets." So grab some tequila, saddle up in front of a sunset, and have a listen. Enjoy.

I Knew These People

Poor White Hound Dog

Face to Face That I Shall Meet HIm

The Long Riders

Tramp Em Up Solid

The Border

Cancion Mixteca

Bomber Bash

Maria Elena

She’s Leaving the Bank

Y Tu Que Has Hecho


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