Cavill, Willis & Weaver Clash in ‘The Cold Light of Day’

Have you ever gone on a family vacation that turned sour? (Of course you have.) But really, Henry Cavill’s got you beat — in The Cold Light of Day, he returns to a boat his family is vacationing on to find them missing, the walls and blankets covered in blood. Naturally, there’s a political conspiracy involving his secret agent dad, played by Bruce Willis. While Cavill tries to figure the mess out, Sigourney Weaver shows up as the government woman who wants to make the trouble go away, provided he can get her some information. It’s a trip and a romp through the streets of Spain, centered around the type of fast-paced intrigue you pay good theater money for.

Apparently, being really good-looking can make up for having zero experience as a secret agent and not understanding the language of the country you’re trapped in. But whatever: logic is suspended in all instances of Bruce Willis mashing faces, and this will be a dry run for Cavill’s potential stardom before his turn as Superman in next year’s Man of Steel. I’m having just as much fun looking at the tags on the YouTube trailer, which account for every possible spelling configuration: "the cold light of day" "the cold light if day trailer" "the cold light if day 2012" "the cold light if day official trailer" "Bruce Willis" "Henry Cavill" "Sigourney Weaver" "playtrailers" "play trailers" the cold light of day trailer the cold light of day trailer the cold light of day trailer movie 2012 high definition "official trailer" "the cold light of day trailer bruce willis" Nice try, but they forgot "Sigurney Weever" and "The Cold Light of Hey." Some dyslexics will never be able to see this thing.

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