Casey Affleck Becomes Creative Advisor for Boston’s Independent Film Festival, Obviously

Casey Affleck: model citizen of New England. And of course, as Boston’s finest cinematic gem—save his multi-Oscar-winning brother and/or Matt Damon—Affleck has taken on the job of Creative Advisor to the city’s Independent Film Festival. For IFFBoston, which kicks off this year on April 24,  the actor, director, and writer will “offer programming output, reaching out to studios, filmmakers and talent, connecting the festival with local charities, and advising on it’s growth into a ‘a world-class film festival.’

And speaking to the partnership, Adam Roffman, the IFFBoston program director had to say that Casey, “Casey has exemplified the kind of artistic and risk-taking choices in his work that we strive to champion each year at the festival, and we are very excited to welcome him into the IFFBoston team." Well, you can’t argue with them apples!

So, to perk up your day, let’s just watch some videos of Casey throughout the years.

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