Cara Delevingne: Supermodel, Eyebrows, Box Office Gold?

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Buzz about supermodel Cara Delevingne’s (practically inevitable) upcoming foray into acting has been in speculation mode for a while. But the latest rumor is getting more traction.

While she wouldn’t have been my first guess for a follow-up to Shailene Woodley (or rather, celebrity YA-author John Green’s next leading lady), Cara will reportedly star alongside 19-year-old actor Nat Wolff in the film adaptation of Green’s Paper Towns.

The Fault In Our Stars brought in $280 million worldwide, based mostly on Green’s dedicated fan base, though Woodley’s ever-rising star didn’t hurt. Delevingne could easily bring in a whole new fashion following audience.


Dear Ms. Delevingne,

I’m ordering some new business cards to aptly describe my position. They will read, “Sara Spruch-Feiner, Cara Delevingne News Editor”–and I’m sending you the bill.