Cameron Diaz’s Awkward Sex Scene with Justin Timberlake Not Awkward at All

Earlier today, Cameron Diaz turned on the $20-million-a-movie star charm for reporters while promoting her upcoming fuck fest (the word, not the act), Bad Teacher (July 24). You’ve heard of it. It’s the one where Diaz stars with her ex Justin Timberlake for the first time in a movie not about a green ogre. In it, she plays a nihilistic school teacher who will steam-roll anyone and anything that dares get in the way of her and a new pair of breasts. That’s really what it’s about. Ms. Diaz strolled into the conference room to face the digital recorders wearing a peach blazer, some army green pants (very tight indeed), and a pair of sky-high gold pumps, which she must have known were my favorite kind of pumps.

It took all but five minutes for her to start unpacking her awkward sex scene with Timberlake, and although that’s what everyone will be talking about, she did manage to say other things. If you guessed that Cameron Diaz has never been embarrassed, you guessed right. Some highlights:

On her character, the bad teacher: Even though you think you should hate her, you kind of actually want to be her. Because you’re like, Hmm, if I could just have one conversation with one person where I could just say whatever I want, and even three hours later, after the endorphins wear off, not wish I hadn’t said that. She doesn’t have that. She has a total lack of self-awareness, in a spiritual and emotional sense. She’s a craft bitch, that’s the way she’s wired. Because she’s concerned with the wrong things is also why she’s emotionally vapid. That’s what I loved about her. The tiny bit of character arc she has is lost on her.

On her disturbing sex scene with Justin Timberlake: Justin and I wanted to create the least sexy sex scene ever seen on film, ever. And to show the total lack of chemistry between these two people, and I think that we succeeded. It was great to work with Justin because we’ve always loved laughing together. Yes, we went out, and yes, people think, Oh, shouldn’t that be awkward? It really isn’t. We’re friends. We haven’t gone out with each other for as long as we were together. But we know each other so well, and we have allowed our friendship and our love to totally morph and change into something completely appropriate for us to do this with one another. We love to make people laugh, we both feel privileged and blessed to be able to make movies, and to be able to do that with someone you know you can do that with, and have fun doing it, and you trust them completely, and there’s no questions, and no worries and boundary issued, because you know what the deal is, it’s the perfect person to do something like that with. It wouldn’t have been the same to do it with someone else.

On embarrassing high school memories: I don’t really have any embarrassing high school memories. I was modeling in high school, so I had already lived by myself when I was 16, in Japan for a summer. You can’t embarrass me, even before high school. It was not the way I’m wired. I laugh at myself well before anyone can laugh at me, so I rarely get embarrassed. Clearly that’s why I can do stupid things.

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