‘Caine’s Arcade’ Launches Sequel, Future Cardboard Arcades

A few months ago, we posted about Caine’s Arcade, Nirvan Mullik’s documentary about the raddest kid ever, who built a pretty incredible, elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad’s auto repair shop in East Los Angeles. Mullik put together a flash mob and soon a throng of L.A. hipsters came to buy fun passes and play basketball, skee-ball and other such delights, and families from all over the world began showing up, along with some famous faces (Jack Black took his kids to play). The international hype surrounding Caine’s Arcade fed into celebrity endorsements, sermons and a rapid-fire funding campaign Mullik launched to help the kid pay for college. Awesome.

Recently, Mullick launched a sequel to his documentary, showing some of the cardboard projects inspired younglins have made in the wake of the film, from a wobbly robot to a pinball-popsicle stick labyrinth that actually looks pretty fun to a pinball machine with old CDs as bumpers. See? There is hope for the young people of this country—they’re not just playing Angry Birds and remembering how great the ’90s were even though they were born in 1999! And even adults are getting involved: Rob Manning, the Chief Engineer at NASA, tells Caine he began on his path by building cardboard rockets, and now helped land a camera on Mars.

Mullick and his cohorts are using the sequel to launch October 6th as a Global Day of Play inspired by the arcade. Best-case scenario, we have a generation of kids who feel inspired and endowed with the entrepreneurial skills and innovative minds to tackle the challenges they will face in the years to come. Worst-case scenario, on October 6th, you will run into roving packs of fauxhemian manchildren skiving off work to build cardboard forts. Whichever. Check out the sequel to Caine’s Arcade below—it’ll either give you warm fuzzies or a feeling of soul-crushing underachievement. 

Imagine: Caine’s Arcade Goes Global from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

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