Bradley Cooper Flick Marks First Big Sundance Sale

CBS has slapped down $2 million to win the bidding war that started this morning at 4am for the flick The Words starring Bradley Cooper, marking the first big sale at this year’s Sundance. A far cry from The Hangover, the plot centers around literary intrigue and actually sounds pretty good.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cooper plays an author who makes it big when he plagiarizes a manuscript he and his wife Dora, played by Zoë Saldana, buy at a Parisian antique store. The stories original author, played by Jeremy Irons, finds out and the plot evolves from there.

It should be out next fall, but the bidding war is already giving it buzz as well as rumors that Cooper, who is tied to any actress within a 5 foot radius to him, and Saldana are dating.  The film screens as the festival’s closing-night premiere on Jan. 28 and Page Six, amongst other gossip rags, are already speculating that the couple will make their first public debut. 

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