Brad Pitt’s Cannes Crime Flick ‘Killing Them Softly’ Gets A Trailer

Brad Pitt dons sunglasses, slicked-back hair and his best mobster nasal twang in the new trailer for the hyped upcoming crime drama Killing Them Softly, perhaps to keep up with his organized-crime-related-entertainment veteran costars Ray Liotta and James Gandolfini. The Andrew Dominik-directed film, which will officially be released on October 19th, premiered at Cannes to favorable reviews, some which speculated about the film’s political nature (IndieWire’s Eric Kohn called it "scathingly anti-capitalist entertainment.") and whether or not it was a jab at the work of President Obama’s administration (the film opens with a snippet from Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention). 

Politics aside, the film, shot in and around New Orleans and based on George V. Higgins’ novel Cogan’s Trade, looks like your standard sawed-offs-and-moral-ambiguity dark mob flick, in which Pitt stars as Jackie Cogan, an assistant to a hitman assigned to deal with some thieves at a mob poker game. Monologues about the state of America, car explosions and Johnny Cash classics abound. So if that’s your kind of thing, watch the trailer below. 

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