BlackBook Premiere: New Film Documents the Post-Breakup Drama of Viral Gay Couple Jarlos

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An “afterbirth” of Sebastian Sommer’s newly wrapped series, The Heartbreak Trilogy, the New York director has created another short film, Oversharing, that centers once more on the complications of love. This time, he’s tapped the tumultuous narrative of gay modeling couple, Jarlos, who recently broke things off, ending their relationship with a sea of inescapable digital memories.

“I wanna live in reality, but I’m on my phone, where I like pick it up and sea photos of us every fucking moment, and people messaging me all the time asking what are we doing,” cries one-half of Jarlos, Carlos Santolalla, in a raw state of mourning.

Blurring the lines between documentary and narrative, Sommer’s reality TV-style short highlights the post-Internet risks of publicizing a relationship, shown through his highly dramatized lens, much like surreal MTV series, where fact and fiction are perpetually unclear. “When we were shooting the film we were crying, and when we were editing the film the next day we were laughing,” Sommer said.

“Love has always been a complicated idea, and it’s only getting more and more complicated,” the troublemaking director offered.  “I’ve been re-watching a lot of Brian De Palma films lately. I love Femme Fatale so much—what a rollercoaster. The opening is so epic and I have a soft spot in my heart for films about bad ass women. Femme Fatale strikes the beautiful chord between pornographic and cinematic, [and] those are the kinds of films I want to make.”

Watch the BlackBook premiere of Oversharing, below: