Ben Affleck, Lena Dunham, and Rian Johnson All Take Home DGA Top Honors

When the Academy failed to nominate Ben Affleck for Best Director a collective “Awww, what?!” swept Hollywood. But with the way award season has been thus far, it looks like Affleck can just brush that one off his shoulder. Although he will not be taking home an Oscar this month for Argo, I’m sure he can be pretty satisfied in knowing just about every other Guild, Circle, Press, etc. recognizes his directorial effort, awarding him with their highest honors.

And last night, falling in line with the season, Affleck took home the Outstanding Directorial Achievement Award from the Director’s Guild of America. Not since Ron Howard with Apollo 13 has someone been left out of the Academy Awards and still taken home the top DGA prize. But then again, Affleck did win an Oscar at the age of 26 for the eternally brilliant Good Will Hunting, so I think he’ll be okay.

Last night was also a good celebration for great young directors. Lena Dunham beat out Bryan Cranston and Louis CK for her direction on the pilot episode of Girls and the fantastic Rian Jonhson won for his directorial work on episode “Fifty-One” of Breaking Bad. This morning, Johnson wrote on Twitter that the first episode of Breaking Bad that he directed got him his DGA card and that he’s “so lucky to work on the show and this was such a huge honor” and included this picture.


Check out full list of of last night’s DGA winners here.

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