Behind the Scenes of Our April/May Cover Shoot with Anna Faris

Fashion shoots aren’t just standing around in the harsh L.A. sun. Or…are they? Yeah, they pretty much are, but when set to music (in this case, "Days" by The Drums) it seems so much more poetic. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes shoot of our April/May cover story with the lovely Anna Faris.

Eagle-eyed viewers can glean all sorts of secret information. Did you know that Ms. Faris paired her Salvatore Ferragamo pant suit with a pair of Uggs? Also there’s a pretty sick tilt of Ms. Faris in a shiny dress (by Paco Rabanne) that never made it into print. For the small cadre of comedy nerds who enjoin passion of The Harold with knowledge of fashion, this video is for you.

Christopher Campbell, our fashion director, just came over to my desk to inform me that she didn’t so much "pair" her Uggs with her pantsuit. "It’s just that we knew the shot was going to be cropped and they were more comfortable than a pair of heels." Truth in comedy, folks!

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