Banks, Deschanel, Jones, Mortimer Join ‘My Idiot Brother’

Breaking hot actresses news! Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones, and Emily Mortimer have signed on to the latest Paul Rudd comedy, ‘My Idiot Brother.’ Yup, that’s right, all in the same movie. I’ve checked the legal codes on this issue and, don’t worry, this much on screen hotness does fall within the existing statutes. As long as the filmmakers file their “yeah, we know this is a little ridiculous” form, everything should be good to go. Wait, what’s that? Zooey Deschanel is dating Rashida Jones in this film? They’ll probably make out at some point? Gaahhhh.

Banks, Deschanel, and Mortimer are playing Rudd’s sisters, so we’re unfortunately not going to get any steamy romance there, but the film still looks, er, promising. Rudd plays an idealist trying to deal with his overbearing mother. He crashes with his three sisters and brings joy and chaos to their lives. Here’s the character synopsis from THR:

Banks is a career-driven single about to get her big break in journalism after spending years writing about accessories at a fashion magazine; Deschanel is a bisexual whose flakiness and lies are getting in the way of moving forward with her caring, responsible girlfriend (Jones); and Mortimer plays a Park Slope mom too worried about having the perfect life and children to notice that her marriage is falling apart.

There’s no trailer yet, but count me in. Other filmmakers, this is how you get people into theaters: stock your movie with every hipster heartthrob around and (fingers crossed) write some decent roles for them.

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