Aubrey Plaza Kicked Out of MTV Movie Awards

Something pretty unfunny happened at the MTV Movie Awards last night: all of it. In particular there was one incident that, whether planned or not, was so painfully awkward as to make even Will Ferrell seem to regret his involvement—to say nothing of a wholly disinterested Peter Dinklage in the background.

Here’s how Deadline Hollywood tells it:

Will Ferrell was accepting the Comedic Genius Award at tonight’s MTV Movie Awards. Suddenly he had company onstage—Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza. She ran up and tried to wrestle the award out of Ferrell’s hands. Apparently, it was to hype her own upcoming movie—the August comedy from CBS Films, The To-Do List—whose title was written across her chest.

Aubrey herself seemed pretty dissatisfied with the stunt, if you could call it that, after returning (temporarily) to her seat as if it had all been a big stupid double-dare. In sum, however, a humanizing moment for everyone: even veteran comics can botch their material with all the quiet desperation of an improv 101 class performing for their silent parents. 

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