An Impressively Accurate Shot-for-Shot Remake of the ‘Alien’ Chest-Burster

Remember back in grade school when you would make short movies or recreate classic scenes with your friends (or, in the case of Star Wars Kid/George Michael Bluth, yourself) and they were a bit crude and shoddily made because you were kids but you loved them anyway? You made Jumanji with your stuffed lions and elephants; Raiders of the Lost Ark rolling some kind of sports ball down the stars.

Well, CineFix’s Homemade Movies team haven’t quite grown out of that phase, but they have taken their love of recreating classic movie scenes to a shockingly accurate level. This week, they employed the help of Black Nerd Comedy channel host Andre to recreate the iconic and emotionally scarring chest-burster scene from Alien. Everything, from the casting to the dialogue to John Hurt’s final, painful jerking motions before the nasty little creature emerges, is almost completely spot-on. They’ve even included a side-by-side comparison for proof. On YouTube, no one can hear you scream.

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