Amanda Bynes Accused of Third Hit-and-Run

Actress Amanda Bynes may soon be better known as Hit-and-Run Perpetrator Amanda Bynes. That is, if a new report accusing Bynes of a *third* hit-and-run car accident in about a month is true.

According to TMZ, Bynes was accused recently of hitting another car with her BMW while driving on California’s 101 Freeway on April 10, just four days after being arrested in West Hollywood for DUI after clipping a cop car and then fleeing the scene.

For those keeping track, Bynes was also accused earlier this month of another Hollywood hit-and-run, but was cleared of any charges after telling police she didn’t feel the impact.

Three hit-and-runs in one month? Get it together, girl! Or at least do things like Lindsay Lohan did and stretch all of this out over a few years.

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