AFI’s Top Ten Top Ten

The fine folks over at AFI are at it again, looking for any way they can to compartmentalize a century worth of films into list-form. Although sometimes it feels like beating a dead horse, these lists of theirs can still make for a fun night of drinking and guessing games with you and your film snob friends. This time, AFI has broken down America’s 10 greatest films in 10 classic genres including: Animation, The Western, Science Fiction, The Romantic Comedy, The Courtroom Drama, Fantasy, Gangster, Sports, Mystery and Epic. Although Citizen Kane is widely considered the greatest American film ever made, it was noticeably absent from any of the lists, as was Casablanca. Caddyshack however, was included so Bill Murray fans rejoice. Keep an eye out for AFI’s next list, where they rank the top 100 films written by men named Henry or Steve.

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