A Look Back on the Brilliantly Wild Life and Work of Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper was a lot of things. Wildly notorious for his dangerous antics and erratic behavior, he was also unfathomably talented and brilliant—not only as an actor but as an artist in the purest sense. As one of the most important counter cultural icons of the last century, he helped usher in new wave of American cinema that would change the scope of film forever. “Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda had created an anthem for a generation,” Peter Biskind once said, “but they had also imagined its apocalyptic destruction, which many of the decade’s directors did their best to emulate.” And whether he was stealing the screen, creating havoc behind the camera, or inspiring a world of independent filmmakers just to break all the rules and go for it, it’s his manic energy and passion and the stunning results they produced, that he will always be remembered for. And as today is his birthday, here is a look back on some of the incredible filmmaker, artist, and actor’s best moments. Enjoy.


Easy Rider

Dennis Hopper on Fishing with John

Dennis Hopper on Merv Griffin


The Last Movie

Blue Velvet

The American Friend

Apocalypse Now

The Trip

Dennis Hopper on Late Night with Letterman

True Romance

Dennis reads a Poem on the Johnny Cash Show

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