’40-Year-Old Virgin’ Comic Guilty of Incredibly Unfunny Crime

You may not know the name Shelley Malil offhand, but you probably remember him from The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Malil played the acerbic Haziz, one of Steve Carell’s overbearing co-workers, and funny though he was, you aren’t likely to see him again on the big screen anytime soon. A San Diego County Superior Court has found him guilty of stabbing his girlfriend twenty times with a kitchen knife.

The LA Times reports that in 2008, Malil, 45, attacked Kendra Beebe, 38, in a fit of jealousy. Yesterday’s sentence came after two days of jury deliberation. Malil faces anywhere from 21 years to life in prison.

Here he is in The 40-Year-Old Virgin popping up around the 40 second mark:

And here he is in a (somewhat altered) Budweiser Spot:

And lastly, here’s a short clip concerning his arrest:

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