1997 Again: David Lynch to Direct Nine Inch Nails’ Video for ‘Came Back Haunted’

Well, as if David Lynch hadn’t given us enough grotesque pleasure lately—between the haunting snippets off his new album The Big Dream and that tranquil "I’m Waiting Here" video—now, it appears that he’ll saddling back up in the director’s chair for a new project…with the newly refurbished Nine Inch Nails. As the perfect pairing of twisted minds, Trent Reznor and David Lynch have collaborated in the past, most notably with Lost Highway, but now Lynch will be at the helm to direct the music video for their first single off Hesitation Marks, "Came Back Haunted."

Speaking of Lynch in the March 1997 issue of Rolling Stone, Reznor said:
You get it or you don’t. When I saw Blue Velvet, I walked out of the theater changed and very shaken. I talked to someone later, and they said, "Didn’t you think that was funny?" I didn’t think it was funny. I was terrified because, when I saw it, I realized I would have done exactly the same thing as Kyle MacLachlan’s character. I would’ve tried to sneak in, I would’ve felt for her – I would’ve done it all.
I also remember the Twin Peaks episode where Leland bashes Maddie’s head against the wall, and then he’s driving his car with the body in the back. I thought, "This is the scariest, most violent thing I’ve ever seen on television, ever. Fuckin’-A, someone got away with it." I could also see why people had a problem with it. It wasn’t, you know, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
And today Reznor took to Twitter to post a photo of he and Lynch together, just a little over a month before the new NIN hits the road for their massive tour with Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky. So for those equally obsessed and entranced with both the band and Lynch, this news may send you into a fit of hysterics, but if not—you’re just crazy. 
Take a listen to "Came Back Haunted" and see NIN’s upcoming tour dates HERE.
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