Yoko Devereaux’s Rebirth

NYC menswear brand Yoko Devereaux is back in action thanks to a resuscitation by Gilt Groupe. After emerging on the scene in 2000 as a line of t-shirts, the brand expanded to include an entire collection that combined elements of casual sportswear with expert tailoring. Then, after losing funding from its parent company in 2009, it was forced to close. Now, for a limited time only (today through Wednesday in fact), Yoko Devereaux is experiencing a rebirth by way of a capsule collection designed exclusively for Gilt Man. A resurrection fête was thrown Friday at the Soho Grand, but the real party started today at noon when Yoko’s new wares hit Gilt’s virtual racks.

The Victorian Vampire tee has already sold out, but there are still plenty of overcoats and sweaters up for grabs. Overall, it’s a collection that’s sure to speak to the urban, fine-tailoring crowd that coveted Yoko Devereaux during its heyday. The sale is also exciting in terms of future collaborations with designers on hiatus, or defunct brands ready to come back for one last stroll around the sartorial park. Besides, fresh editorial content and emerging designers helps to breathe new life into Gilt Groupe, whose flash-sale territory has been heavily invaded in recent years.

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