WonderMode Grooms Tomorrow’s Fashion Vanguard

Given the variety of e-commerce sites currently available to online shoppers, a rookie e-tailer truly needs a unique vision to stay in today’s game. Just when you think all creative juice has been squeezed out of the market, a new startup like wonderMode comes along to shake things up.

Founded by Aaron Duncan, a former executive of Playboy Enterprises (yes, that Playboy), wonderMode is a high-end curated marketplace that hosts a variety of passionate cutting-edge designers. Featuring cult talents like Lady Gaga favorite Maria Francesca Pepe and NYC-based Dominic Louis, the platform welcomes the future of fashion to promote, sell, and build their brand in a supportive atmosphere. There’s even a section dedicated entirely to recent graduates.

“Most emerging designers don’t have the time or money to focus on developing an effective e-commerce site, and have little to no experience in building and marketing a brand online,” Duncan explains. “At wonderMode, designers can focus on their products, while we handle the sales and marketing end.” Once a designer applies and is accepted to sell on the site, wonderMode provides them with their own designer boutique and promotes them through various social media channels. “Social media is a very important component to our site – we use it as both a communication tool and a listening tool to hear what our world is saying,” notes Duncan. We say sign us up.

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