Why Hipster Fashion Will Never Die

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Ever wonder why skinny jeans and Wayfarers have had such long shelf-lives, coming in and out of fashion numerous times over the course of a few decades? Well, a new infographic courtesy of Flavorwire is attempting to explain the staying power of various Hipster fashion trends. How does it all start? Well, “someone bored with conservative fashion wears a new hat that the majority of people find in poor taste.” Before long, “a few trendy people start wearing the hat and it quickly develops a cachet of cool.” Hello, Pete Doherty’s Trilby circa 2005. Then the uninspired “Mainstream” catches on, adopting the style en masse. Urban Outfitters begins selling it and fast fashion outlets start stocking the style. Then, as happens with every trend post-peak, the “Decline” sets in.

The hat becomes “Ironic” when “a few people start wearing the unpopular hat as a joke.” Tees and sweatshirts imprinted with cartoon characters (namely Mickey Mouse) at the beginning of the aughts easily fall into this category. Nostalgia sets in and “the hat takes a mysterious turn from being a joke toward evoking warm feelings for the past.” The final stage of this circle without end happens when an “Outsider” reincarnates the style as “Conservative,” when “the hat becomes a genuine article of sensible fashion and a sign of good taste.” Smart and spot on, this little infographic serves as the perfect reminder that every trend will be recycled at some point and that even if certain styles seem dead and buried, they can be resurrected in seven easy steps.