Who Wears Short-Shorts?

If I had my druthers, I’d wear shorts year around. Then again, having my druthers would consist of sailing the blue, warm waters of the Caribbean and points south of Mexico. Listen, I like shorts, Bermuda shorts specifically. But there’s a fear in wearing shorts in more style-conscious urban areas. The New York Observer explores the psychology behind the fear of shorts-wearing, and more disturbingly, the new trend of short-shorts for men. My advice is unless you want to walk around looking like John McEnroe or Larry Bird in the 1970s, don’t wear them. So who’s behind this terrifying new trend? Why, it’s Dov Charney and his minions at American Apparel of course. Mathew Swenson, a spokesman for AA, said that while short-shorts used to be solely hipster-garb, they’re becoming more accepted by mainstream wearers. “Now you prove your masculinity by wearing short shorts or pink underwear,” he said. Or by shooting something.

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