Who Are You Wearing, Barack?

imageDid anyone ever ask where Bill Clinton got his shirts, or if he could tie a Windsor knot? I think the closest we came was: boxers, briefs, or Commando-in-Chief. Perhaps we’ve classed up a bit since then. Maybe the candidates are more sartorially aware. Either way, the Chicago Tribune scooped us all last week, reporting that for his acceptance speech, Obama wore “a classic two-button, navy, merino wool and cashmere suit from Chicago-based Hartmarx Corp.” Tailors were dispatched to Obama’s Chicago home to measure him for the bespoke suit, which took four days to make.

Hartmarx makes the Hickey Freeman label, but Obama is going with Hart Schaffner Marx, made by union workers. “That’s right,” reports New York mag, “It’s fashion with a message.” Oh, and Obama is totally pro-pleats. “For those who scoff that pleats are out of fashion, let the record show that Obama’s pants were indeed pleated, with an inch-and-a-quarter cuff. (He has the height to carry them off, OK? And a 33-inch waist).”

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