Watch Roberto Cavalli Drink Vodka With His Exotic Parrot

Roberto Cavalli is glamorous, gaudy and filthy rich. The Italian fashion designer wears a bedazzled crucifix around his neck and has a stainless steel kitchen stocked with fresh produce from exclusive farms. He’s constantly surrounded by $100 gold-wrapped vodka bottles, which the Italian fashion designer doesn’t have to pay for because, after all, he created them. But don’t be fooled by Cavalli’s over-the-top lifestyle. Although he likely spends million on marketing his Roberto Cavalli Vodka, he’s not above promoting it himself—as long as he can bring his extremely exotic parrot.

In a new video for Purple TV, the designer demonstrates how to pour a perfect Cavalli cocktail, which consists of vodka, lemon juice, triple sec and liquid sugar. Prior to beginning the lesson, Cavalli says that this cocktail "is the number one cocktail in my club in Milano, in my club in Miami, in my club in Dubai," lest we forget that he is superior to us. He then adds two shots to the shaker (one for his "beautiful girlfriend"), along with the rest of the ingredients, continuing to stress that his girlfriend will not be left out.

After pouring his pristinely crafted libation, he whispers "I love you" and "Ciao" to the camera before taking a sip. So suave, that Cavalli! His beautiful girlfriend never does show up to claim her drink, but his exceptionally well-behaved parrot was a prime stand-in. Watch it all here.  

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