Two Major Fashion Rags Get Face-Lifts

Print magazines continue to lurch drunkenly forward, but the hazy future of old media isn’t stopping a couple fashion rags from undergoing major changes in hopes of staying relevant. Following in the footsteps of W (which experienced seismic shifts when Stefano Tonchi took over as editor-in-chief), British Vogue and Lucky are changing their tunes. Lucky is getting re-worked by marketing and design maven Andy Spade and his firm Partners & Spade. The magazine’s new editor, Brandon Holley, has enlisted Spade to help freshen up and modernize the overall feel of the glossy. “Holley said the logo won’t change, but some new fonts will be added, as well as new photographers. Spade said it’s too soon to point to any specific changes (everything will be revealed in the March issue), but he’s working to make the magazine more relevant,” Women’s Wear Daily says.

Meanwhile, Vogue UK is undergoing a similar revamping that will likewise debut with the March issue. In a phrase, EOC Alexandra Schulman is hoping “to make the format a little less rigid,” says the Independent. More to the point, Vogue UK has also premiered one of the first major fashion magazine iPad apps.

“The way I see the future is that you’ll have Vogue, and you’ll either want the magazine — and I still have a great faith in the magazine still being a very desirable thing to have — or you’ll have the app, and maybe some people will buy both. And of course, at some stage, you will be able to shop from the page,” Schulman told Business of Fashion. If digital platforms continue to offer more timely news, and as better mediums like the iPad allow for readers to more comfortably ingest pages upon pages of prose, it’s not likely that consumers will stick to print only.

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