Tina Fey’s First Vogue Cover: Skinny & Boring

An image of Tina Fey’s first-ever Vogue cover surfaced on the web this morning. Immediately commenters at the Fashion Spot drew attention to the fact that the photo looks significantly retouched to make an already beautiful Fey appear even skinnier and more flawless than is perhaps humanly possible. Surprise, surprise, right? But, what’s perhaps most disappointing is the fact that the cover fails to stray whatsoever from Vogue‘s pre-prescribed set of requirements for celeb covers. A breakdown of the basic components after the jump.

Compare with a recent Blake Lively cover, as well as a former Anne Hathaway cover. It’s simple: blow back subject’s hair to increase sex appeal, back light the subject, and, finally, crop them from the bust up (preferably adding quite a bit of flesh by way of bare arms and abundant cleavage). Even worse? Vogue‘s cover is wildly similar to Fey’s appearance on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar just a few months ago. Except in the latter, rather than paint Fey as your average, sexy starlet, they allowed her a bit of personality by way of a not totally vacant facial expression.

But back to the extreme photoshopping, when compared with an image of Fey on the red carpet, it’s apparent that Vogue has shaved more than a few pounds off an already thin Fey. The Daily Beast wonders ‘What’s Wrong With Skinny?‘ Why fret about the fashion industry’s obsession with size zero when significantly more of the country’s population is overweight than anorexic? Wanting models to as skinny as shapeless so that they can double as clothing hangers is one thing; trimming down already thin celebrities in order to give the impression that they too are what has become an increasingly small industry standard sample size is a problem.

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