Timeline of Tennis Style

imageNow that the Olympics are done, and we’re about to plunge into two weeks of political potshots, let’s take a deep breath and relax with some tennis. The US Open kicks off today; back in June, I addressed the simmering battle of court togs between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. New York magazine is still writing about it, which is fine. But what’s finer is the mag’s historical timeline of tennis fashion. I like to think I know my tennis, but I was schooled — in 1528, King Henry VIII built a court and commissioned the first known tennis uniforms.

And it was Bill Tilden in 1920 who introduced us to preppy cable knits and V-necks. Of course, Rene Lacoste made history in 1927. And who can forget Bjorn Borg’s headbands of the 1970s? Sure, we temporarily lost our fashion sense during Agassi’s reign of denim shorts, frosted hair, an painful, eye-popping shirts. But now, thankfully, we are back to muted classics, letting the game speak for itself.

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