This Supermodel Ate a PB & J Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

By now you’ve all heard Adriana Lima’s crazy Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show fitness and diet plan, which consists of working out twice a day and drinking only protein shakes nine days before the show, only water two days before the show, and nothing 12 hours before the show. On the flip side, we were both surprised and delighted to hear that one of our other favorite models, Lindsay Ellington, takes a more relaxed approach to her pre-VS routine.

"Last year I was kind of stressed so this year I came prepared," she tells Modelina. "I brought my own peanut butter and jelly sandwich because it’s something that really calms me down" She also took homeopathic stress reliever drops and practiced yoga breathing before the show.  

We’re sure Ellington also works out a ton and watches what she eats before the show, but knowing that she trusts a PB & J to calm her nerves proves that some supermodels are just like us, sort of.

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