This Is What the Quintessential Fashion Blogger’s Room Looks Like

Now that certain bloggers are writing books, the cyber elite are proving that it takes more than a covetable closet, skillfully nonchalant poses, and writing that’s peppered with obscure fashion references to reach their level of success. While a handful of unique blog concepts exist amidst the templates, there are a few key notes that just about every blogger has hit at one point or another. Germany’s top fashion blog, Les Mads, has illustrated a brilliant roundup of these items by recreating the classic blogger’s room. Read on for our commentary as we inspect further.

(Before we start, we have to share the hilarious translation of the feature’s first sentence: “Fashion bloggers are now available in such a confusing amount that they basically need to be assigned a separate human species, like seniors, toddlers, and business students.” The German language: so close to English, so un-Google Translate-able.)

While a fluorescent bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company is an essential, one mustn’t forget to display a single rack of newly-purchased designer threads, on-trend footwear like flatforms and ankle boots, a seasonal moodboard, a big floppy hat, and, of course, a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas: image

Your workspace must include an array of cult fashion rags, a really expensive camera, a phone for constant texting, and a laptop (preferably a MacBook) ready to publish your next post that you’ll continue to refresh until it receives over 100 comments: image

Finally, no blogger’s wardrobe is complete without incorporating at least one new item from too-cool label Acne every month: image

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