Thierry Mugler Launches Cheesy Women’s Site

Thierry Mugler is making a comeback but not in the way one might expect. The namesake label from the French fashion giant– synonymous with bold, dominatrix-appropriate styles– is launching a web endeavor called “Womanity.” (Mugler himself has had no involvement with the label since its relaunch in 2008.) The name is an illusion to community (the site’s tagline is, “the invisible bond between women”), which isn’t surprising given that Mugler has long been a champion of female empowerment through silhouette. Launched yesterday (international women’s day), beware that the site’s homepage mosaic is potentially seizure inducing.

The site is a “new website designed to reach out to women the world over and provide a platform for exchange,” says The Luxe Chronicles, who recently attended a preview presentation. There’s a lot going on… a lot of cheesiness, like inspiration quotes about leaving one’s soul ajar. There are short films, an interview with Mugler, and input from women around the globe as to what “womanity means.” The idea may be worth commending, but sadly the execution… not so much.

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